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Construction Viz Dynamic Profiles Lets You Create Targeted User Experiences

March 29, 2022

With configurable dynamic profiles, you can change the entire user experience for every team member depending on their role, assignments, organization, department, or company. See it in action.

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Stay Legally Compliant with Microsoft 365 and the New Construction Viz Records Management Feature

January 27, 2022

The new Construction Viz records management feature of our construction form apps builds on the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to add capabilities optimized for construction project management.

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Introducing Construction Viz Enterprise Submittal Form

January 18, 2022

We simplified the submittal process for contractors completing a submittal form with the necessary metadata, and sending it for review and approval.

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How Project Tracker Makes Remote Teams More Productive

November 18, 2021

Our Project Tracker app helps you stay in the loop and on track while managing your construction projects with remote team members.

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Construction Viz Feature: Flexible Workflow Management

November 2, 2021

Our workflow management feature lets you work the way you want, with pre-configured ad-hoc workflows built into each app.

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Construction Viz Feature: Enhanced Metadata Management with Dynamic Relational Matrices

October 22, 2021

To simplify metadata management, we introduced a new technology in Construction Viz we call dynamic relational matrices (DRM)

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Simplifying Schedule Updates with Construction Viz Scheduler

September 22, 2021

The Construction Viz Scheduler app lets you easily handle scheduling, including managing and assigning resources, right in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

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Construction Viz App Spotlight: Document Binder

September 2, 2021

See how our Document Binder app makes it easy to organize and find related construction project documents, images, and videos with features such as automated metadata, permissions, and more.

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Construction Viz App Spotlight: Substantial Completion Form

August 12, 2021

We designed the Construction Viz Substantial Completion form app to streamline getting your project to the finish line with greater efficiency and consistency.

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New Image Markup Feature for Construction Viz

August 5, 2021

We expanded our Image Uploader Component for construction forms to add image markup capability and further simplify the entire process.

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