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How Construction Viz Streamlines Email Approvals

September 10, 2020

See how Construction Viz makes it easy to view and respond to approval workflows directly within Microsoft Outlook.

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Keep Organized with the Construction Viz Drawing Management App

September 1, 2020

Make sure your team always has access to the latest set of drawings for your projects with the Construction Viz Drawing Management app for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

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Your Flows, Your PMIS: Power Automate & Construction Viz

August 18, 2020

Use Microsoft’s Power Automate to integrate with Microsoft 365 and Construction Viz to automate time-consuming business tasks and processes.

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Cost Engineers Rejoice – You Can Keep Using Excel for Cost Management

July 20, 2020

Read how the Construction Viz Cost Report app lets Cost Engineers use Excel to give management the cost data they need for project visibility and reporting.

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Construction Viz – Application for Payment

May 26, 2020

See how Construction Viz integrates multiple solutions for a comprehensive and streamlined approach to manage Applications for Payment.

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Project Portals for Remote Collaboration

May 12, 2020

See how Project Portals let you share information the way you want, using the applications you use everyday.

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Manage Work Orders for Projects of Any Size with Construction Viz

April 6, 2020

Manage work orders and construction projects of any size and address the construction project requirements needed using Construction Viz.

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Construction Viz Service Request App Makes Requesting Services a Snap

March 31, 2020

See how the Construction Viz Service Request app streamlines the request process, making it simple to create, manage, and report on your entire service workflow.

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Construction Viz Profile Builder

March 10, 2020

Customize your profile using the Construction Viz Profile Builder. Personalize the look and feel of the user interface and adjust as needed.

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Construction Viz Planner App: Plan Submittal Packages for your Construction Project

March 4, 2020

See how the Planner App lets users to schedule, monitor and address contractor submittals all without leaving the calendar.

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