Construction Viz GIS Maps

A Bird’s Eye View of Your Projects 

Get interactive geospatial maps of your construction projects in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 with linked photos, videos, libraries and more 

GIS Map Data for SharePoint & Office 365

Keep track of your projects across multiple locations with data-rich geospatial maps.  

The Construction Viz GIS Maps App not only displays maps; it interconnects all your project information from SharePoint and SQL with your geospatial data. That means maps become another efficient way to browse and interact with your project information, enabling you to upload, retrieve and edit project forms, documents, and other integrated data using a map view. Built-in reports and dashboards provide further flexibility for working with your map and project data.  

The GIS Map App also integrates with the other Construction Viz Apps, including our Forms and Project Tracker apps, unlocking even more power and convenience. Like all of our apps, the GIS Maps App is mobile responsive, allowing you to access your geospatial data using the modern browser or device of your choice.  

For geospatial data power users, the Construction Viz GIS Map App integrates with Arc GIS Online for added functionality.  


Construction Viz: Project Management Perfected

Construction Viz is a powerful and flexible project management software solution trusted by leading construction management and utility companies to manage multi-billion-dollar projects. Available in the cloud, on-premise, or as à la carte apps for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The platform has everything you need to manage your construction projects, including document management, dashboards, reports, forms, workflows, robust mobile support, and more. Construction Viz will transform the way you and your team manage your projects for the better.

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