Construction Viz Project Tracker

Project Delivery Made Simple

See all your critical project and program data in an interactive dashboard in your own Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365 environment.

A Powerful Project Tracking App for Microsoft SharePoint

Get the robust project tracking features of Construction Viz, our proven application used on multi-million-dollar projects, in your organization’s Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 application. Project Tracker combines all your critical project information into a single interactive dashboard so you can quickly find and resolve potential issues, report on project status, and monitor the schedule and budget.

Keep everything you need to know about your project at your fingertips with Project Tracker.


Construction Viz Project Tracker Features

The Construction Viz Project Tracker App is a complete project tracking solution for SharePoint that include forms, logs, reports, search, and more. Take charge of your projects.

Project Data at Your Fingertips

Project Tracker redesigns document management from the ground up. Easily upload documents to activities across multiple projects and manage them:

Update multiple projects at the same time.

Multi-project Tagging
Meta Data Tagging
Document Search

Never Drop the Ball on Project Deliverables

Make sure everyone on your team is on task and on time with Project Tracker. Fully dynamic views allow you to get straight to the information you need.

You can even see activities owned by other groups that impact yours.


See Your Entire Project Status at a Glance

Project Tracker can manage thousands of projects and hundreds of thousands of activities. Instantly see the ones that you care about with powerful reporting tools.

See the whole picture of your program and get straight to the issues.


Additional Features


Geospatial Integration

Program Management
Project Management


...and more!


Construction Viz: Project Management Perfected

Construction Viz is a powerful and flexible project management software solution trusted by leading construction management and utility companies to manage multi-billion-dollar projects. Available in the cloud, on-premise, or as à la carte apps for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The platform has everything you need to manage your construction projects, including document management, dashboards, reports, forms, workflows, robust mobile support, and more. Construction Viz will transform the way you and your team manage your projects for the better.

See Construction Viz Apps in Action

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