What is Construction Viz?

Trusted by leading construction management and utility companies to manage multi-billion-dollar projects, Construction Viz is the most flexible project management solution available. It has everything you need to manage your projects, including dashboards, reports, document management, workflows, mobile support, pre-built construction forms, and more. Construction Viz can be integrated with your other enterprise systems, so you always have all your critical project data at your fingertips.

Best of all, you can choose the version of Construction Viz that best fits your requirements. Need a turnkey solution? Use our full-featured cloud platform. Want a custom on-premise solution? Go with our enterprise option. Or take advantage of our à la carte Construction Viz Apps to select just the specific tools you need right in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

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Manage your projects in Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365 with Construction Viz

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Construction Viz Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)