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Mobile-Responsive Construction Project Forms

Streamline your project workflows using a library of mobile-responsive construction project forms with built-in permissions, comments, workflows, and reminders available in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).

Construction Project Forms for Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Forms are an essential part of your construction project workflow. Construction Viz Form Apps let you and your team complete digital forms anywhere on any device. All your form information is available for status review and reporting right in your Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environment. Each Form App comes preconfigured with permission controls, commenting with timestamps, activity notifications, configurable workflows, automated reminders, and everything else you need to keep your projects running smoothly.


Digital Forms with Powerful Timesaving Features

Customizable Headers

Customize form headers to quickly see key information such as who submitted the form, which project it is for, when was it sent and more.

Simple Administration

Manage your forms using a custom admin interface to edit fields, add your logo, control permissions for users and contractors, and more.

Mobile & Offline Support

Complete your forms in the office or in the field – with or without internet access – using any modern browser or device of your choice.

Email Distribution

Easily send forms to users or groups. Recipients receive an email with form information and a hyperlink to make updates or take actions.

Attachment Library

Drag and drop documents right into your form. The app stores attachments in your SharePoint document library, inserts tags, and add links.

View & Export Options

Quickly find what you need with grid views, grouping, filtered search, and ball-in-court indicators. Export to PDF or Excel for reporting.


No connection? No problem.

Streamline your construction project workflows even when you're offline with our no-app, offline forms.


A Complete Library of Construction Project Forms

Select just the construction project forms you need from our growing library of Construction Viz Form Apps. Don’t see what you need? Contact us to request a new form.

Action Items (?)
The Construction Viz Action Item form app captures individual task assignments for the entire project team. The app also integrates with the Meeting Minutes app, making it quick and easy to document action items identified during meetings.
Contract Change Directive (?)
The Construction Viz CCD form enables the owner, construction manager, and general contractor to direct a change to the contractor regarding scope, schedule, and budget on the project. The form leverages current commitment information to quickly add change request lines without impacting the PO or create new change requests lines within the CCD.
Change Order
Request (?)
The Construction Viz Change Order Request form app lets your contractors inform you of changes to the project contract, scope, schedule, or budget. The contractor can leverage current commitment information to add change request lines without impacting the PO or to create new change request line items within the form.
Daily Report (?)
The Construction Viz Daily Report form app makes it simple for your team to capture a daily record of field activity on a job site, including tailgate notes, weather and other conditions, crew and equipment information, progress, delays, and more. The Daily Report form app includes a customizable component that allows you to add project and discipline-specific questions for field personnel to address within the form.
Document Binder (?)
The Construction Viz Document Binder form app captures related project documents that are available for the project team’s reference but may not require formal communication like a Submittal or Transmittal. The Document Binder app is an excellent way for teams to share current project specifications, drawings, plans, and more for quick access in one central location.
Invoice (?)
The Construction Viz Invoice form captures vendor invoice data and attachments for review and approval by your team.
Meeting Minutes (?)
The Construction Viz Meeting Minutes form app captures meeting details, including the agenda, minutes for each topic, attendee list, and any action items. The app integrates with the Action Item form app so users can quickly generate and link action items from within the meeting minutes form.
The Construction Viz Non-Conformance Report (NCR) and Non-Compliance Notice (NCN) form apps provide a streamlined way for owners to formally notify contractors of a failure to meet quality standards or non-compliance with the contract or subcontractor agreement. The NCR/NCN app captures the contractor’s corrective action necessary to resolve the issue and integrates with the Construction Viz Inspection form app for tracking follow-up details.
Notice (?)
The Construction Viz Notice form app provides a simple way for owners to communicate important information to contractors formally. The Notice form app can be used for advisements or formal direction regarding a project matter, including preliminary notices, proceed or stop with work, change directives, safety notices, and more.
Outage Request (?)
The Construction Viz Outage Request form app helps capture information such as start and end times, location, systems affected, justification, and required work groups to prevent a system outage from negatively impacting the overall project schedule.
Pay App Suite: Commitment (?)
The Construction Viz Commitment form app is part of the Pay App Suite designed to streamline work-related communications between owners and contractors.

The Commitment form documents the agreed-upon cost to complete a given work item. Commitments can be assigned to each task at a line item detail level by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project.

Pay App Suite: Change Order (?)
The Construction Viz Change Order form app is part of the Pay App Suite designed to streamline work-related communications between owners and contractors.

The Change Order form makes it simple for owners to document changes to an original commitment, such as a change in the scope, design, field conditions, or project schedule. A built-in workflow requires the owner and contractor to approve the change and any associated costs before revising the commitment.

Pay App Suite: Pay Application (?)
The Construction Viz Pay Application form app is part of the Pay App Suite designed to streamline work-related communications between owners and contractors.

The Pay Application form enables contractors to submit a request payment for work completed during a specific period. The Pay App form leverages original commitment values and approved change orders so you can effectively keep track of project cost from balance to finish as well as material received and installed to date, retention, and work completed.

Permit (?)
The Construction Viz Permit form app provides effective permit management to help plan, file and issue forms, keep track of inspiration dates, and notify team members on important dates.
Punch List Items (?)
The Construction Viz Punch List form app makes it simple to keep track of required deliverables before scopes of work can be considered complete. Integration with the Substantial Completion form app lets you quickly create and monitor punch list items in the related form.
Quality Assurance Inspection (?)
The Construction Viz Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection form app lets you easily document and compare in-progress and completed work against specified contractual requirements. The form can help mitigate non-conformity before the contractor turns over the work. A customizable component allows you to add project and discipline-specific items to the QA form.
Request for
Information (?)
The Construction Viz Request for Information (RFI) form app provides a handy way for owners and contractors to document and resolve any gaps, conflicts, or subtle ambiguities on a project to eliminate the need for costly corrections down the road.
Request for Proposal (?)
The Construction Viz Request for Proposal (RFP) form app gives owners a consistent way to handle the bidding process. The form makes it simple to request formal proposals from contractors detailing how they will execute a specific scope of work and how much it will cost to complete. Using the RFP form lets you quickly compare contractor bids based on risk and value so that you can feel confident in your final selection.
Risk (?)
The Risk form apps enable documenting and assessing risk, opportunities, and mitigation measures on a project. A risk could negatively impact scope, schedule, or budget, while an opportunity has the opposite effect. The Risk apps have a built-in risk assessment tool that categorizes a risk by probability and impact. The Enterprise Risk form allows the administrator to customize the risk assessment probability and impact by the project within the same site and includes additional reporting capabilities.
Safety Incident (?)
The Construction Viz Safety Incident form app captures details associated with safety incidents and injuries, near misses, property and equipment damage, and health and safety issues when they occur on the project. The Safety Incident form, like all Construction Viz apps, is fully mobile-responsive, letting your team complete the form in the field on any device with a modern browser.
Safety Inspection (?)
Regular safety inspections help mitigate incidents and help you identify areas for improvement. The Construction Viz Safety Inspection form app provides a standardized and easy way to document and assess the safety of current construction activities on a project. The Safety Inspection App integrates with the NCR/NCN form so you can quickly capture safety non-compliance issues identified during an inspection directly within the form app.
Service Request (?)
The Construction Viz Service Request form app is a simple way for owners to request new work associated with a project or program. The request form includes a rough scope and deadline date for facilities or maintenance groups. Integration with the Work Order form app allows you to create and associate works orders directly within the service request form.
Submittal (?)
A Submittal captures the contractor's project deliverables required per the project’s RFP, PSA, subcontract, supporting documents, or specifications. The Submittal apps include revision functionality to maintain submittal history, including details, documents, and reviews, making this information readily accessible by the project team. The Enterprise Submittal app includes a submittal register that captures all contractual submittal requirements and ensures that contractors can only provide submittals that align with them, reducing data entry and errors while ensuring submittals are organized correctly per contract requirements.
Completion (?)
The Construction Viz Substantial Completion form documents turnover of the project scope as well as any outstanding punch list items. Integration with the Punch List form app gives you added convenience and flexibility. You can quickly create punch list items that still require completion in the Substantial Completion form, and then you can track each entry individually within the Punch List app.
Transmittal (?)
A Transmittal form is a formal correspondence between parties used to share critical project information that must be recorded, tracked, and acknowledged. The Construction Viz Transmittal form app offers a convenient replacement for email when you need to share information and documents with project personnel with complete accountability.
Work Order (?)
The Construction Viz Work Order form app lets you easily capture the scope of work, estimated cost, owner/vendor information, and anticipated schedule based on the service requested. The Work Order form comes bundled with the Service Request form app but can also be used as a standalone application.
Custom Forms (?)
Contact us to request a custom form suited for your project needs.

ᵉ An Enterprise version of this form app with added functionality is available.

ᵉ An Enterprise version of this form app with added functionality is available.

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