Construction Viz Task Manager App

A powerful task management tool for Microsoft SharePoint

The Construction Viz Task Manager App has everything you need to plan, track, and report on your team's project and program tasks within one powerful app for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Task Management Powered by Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

Construction Viz Task Manager is a web-based task management solution built for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. The app lets you manage tasks your way with multiple views, including list, Kanban board, calendar, and dashboard layouts. Deep integration with our full lineup of construction forms and apps ensures that all your tasks are accessible and interlinked directly across all the relevant Construction Viz apps.


Manage Your Tasks Using Your Preferred View

Being a construction project manager is a demanding job. You have a lot to keep track of as the responsibility for a project's success falls on your shoulders. Construction Viz Task Manager makes it simple for you to manage project tasks, track progress, and spot potential issues before they impact your schedule.

Dashboard View

Task Manager dashboard view lets you quickly see the status of your project team's tasks in configurable dashboards with drill-down capability.

List View

Task Manager lets you see all your tasks consolidated into a centralized list view. You can quickly group, filter, search, and report on your team's tasks.

Board View

Task Manager's Kanban-style board view lets you see each team member's progress with configurable buckets and swim lanes. The app highlights any behind schedule tasks in red for immediate follow up.


Task Manager's calendar allows you to proactively manage when tasks are forecast to be complete using daily, weekly, or monthly views. You can even link your Task Manager calendar to your Outlook calendar.

Smarter Automated Task Notifications

When you assign a task to someone, Task Manager automatically sends the assignee an email with a link for them to take action right away directly in Microsoft Outlook. Customizable notifications keep stakeholders aware of action items.

Microsoft Adaptive Cards.  Task Manager uses Microsoft's Adaptive Card technology, allowing team members to respond to task-driven cards on any device using Microsoft Outlook without logging in to a separate system.

Microsoft Power Automate. Task Manager integrates with Microsoft Power Automate, letting you tailor the timing and frequency of email notifications for your business processes.

Construction Viz Notification Center. Tasks from Task Manager display in the Construction Viz notification center, ensuring you and your team always know about items requiring your attention.


...and more.

Deep Integration with Construction Viz forms and apps

Task Manager integrates across the suite of Construction Viz apps, streamlining your workflows. For example, you can create a task and assign it to a team member while editing a Construction Viz RFI form, and the apps automatically associate the two records. Now, anyone viewing the task can see the linked RFI record and vice versa.

Manage Tasks on Any Device from Anywhere

Task Manager, like all our apps, is fully responsive on any device. You can also work offline without an internet connection.  So whether you are at the office or in the field, you can always manage your tasks.


A full lineup of Apps for SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Need more features to manage your projects? We offer a full lineup of Construction Viz Apps for Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365. You can use any of our apps as a standalone solution or combine multiple apps to create a fully customized and seamless project management platform that meets your specific requirements.

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