Construction Viz Cost Report App

Robust Cost Reporting Powered by Microsoft Excel

Let your cost engineers work in Excel while automating the flow of cost data to your Microsoft SharePoint portal for seamless real-time viewing and reporting.


Best of Both Worlds: Cost Reporting with Excel and SharePoint

The Construction Viz Cost Report App is a best-of-both-worlds solution, allowing your cost engineers to stick with Microsoft Excel while ensuring that managers have the up-to-date cost data they need. A single click enables your cost engineers to send updated data from one or more spreadsheets into Microsoft SharePoint for display in dashboards and reports. With the Cost Report App, there is no error-prone and time-consuming data re-entry required!

The Ideal Cost Report Workflow

Streamline the cost reporting workflow for your organization with the Construction Viz Cost Report App.

  1. Excel is the data source. A cost engineer saves their Excel cost report into a SharePoint document library where they can continue making regular updates.
  2. One-button automated importing. When a cost engineer updates a spreadsheet, they can use a single button in the Cost Report app to automatically import data from the Excel file into Microsoft SharePoint. No manual entry required.
  3. Real-time reporting and dashboards. The Cost Report app provides management with up-to-date cost information in a web-based UI for easy analysis and reporting across projects and programs.
  4. Support for multiple spreadsheets. Need to correlate data from multiple sources? No problem. The app can pull data from multiple Excel files and worksheets.

Powered by Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

The Construction Viz Cost Report app, just like the rest of Construction Viz, is powered by Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365, including powerful tools like Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI. So you can be confident that you are using best-in-class technologies built on industry-leading enterprise software platforms.


A full lineup of Apps for SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Need more features to manage your projects? We offer a full lineup of Construction Viz Apps for Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365. You can use any of our apps as a standalone solution or combine multiple apps to create a fully customized and seamless project management platform that meets your specific requirements.

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