Construction Viz Specification App

Manage specifications your way

The Construction Viz Specification app complements the Drawing app by providing a one-stop shop for storing and organizing contract requirements, managing revisions, and integrating specifications across our suite of Construction Viz form applications.

Construction Viz Specification App Features

Better specification file storage

The Specification Management app stores each spec and revision as a record with an associated file in Microsoft SharePoint for easy access.

Rich metadata

Required metadata fields for each spec and revision enable powerful filtering, grouping, and searching in the app’s master grid view.

Related-specification Integration

Find, select, and associate specifications using an interactive grid within other Construction Viz apps using the "related-specification" component.

Easily export specifications

Users can export specifications for use on their local devices from the master specification list grid or other integrated apps.


Interactive specification list

Easily browse specifications organized by division, title, revision, discipline, and set in an interactive and searchable grid view. The grid can be filtered and grouped to find any specification easily.


Revision management

Each specification uploaded into the app includes a user-defined revision value, making it easy for team members to find the most recent version.


A full lineup of Apps for SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Need more features to manage your projects? We offer a full lineup of Construction Viz Apps for Microsoft SharePoint & Microsoft 365. You can use any of our apps as a standalone solution or combine multiple apps to create a fully customized and seamless project management platform that meets your specific requirements.

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