Construction Viz Planner App

An Interactive Construction Project Calendar 

Plan all of your project events, form submissions, meetings, submittal deadlines, and more from a single calendar view within Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365. 

Project Calendar for Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365

Construction projects have a lot of due dates. Manage them all from a single location with the Construction Viz Planner App, a unified calendaring tool for all your project activities. You can plan and track project events, forms, meetings, submittals, and more using an easy-to-use calendar view available right in your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 environment. The Planner App bundles our Submittal and Meeting Minutes Form apps, allowing you to create and submit forms directly in your calendar interface. 


Powerful Construction Project Planning Features

Project Calendaring Made Simple

Update project events in an easy-to-use and familiar calendar interface.  Capture all-day and reoccurring events with color coding for those activities you want to highlight.  Configure automated email reminders for team members. Add links and attachments to reference material for any item in your calendar. 


Schedule and Create Submittals

Always know when submittals are due and whether your contractors have provided them on time per contract requirements. The Planner allows you to track submittals as events with due dates in your calendar view and invite contractors to submit updates – all with full permission control. Create reports to show compliance.  

Plan More Efficient Meetings

Manage all of your project meetings from a single location with permission control. Invite people and groups from SharePoint with email reminders. Capture meeting agendas and notes as well as action items with the integrated Meeting Minutes and Action Item apps bundled with the Planner.  


Construction Viz: Project Management Perfected

Construction Viz is a powerful and flexible project management software solution trusted by leading construction management and utility companies to manage multi-billion-dollar projects. Available in the cloud, on-premise, or as à la carte apps for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The platform has everything you need to manage your construction projects, including document management, dashboards, reports, forms, workflows, robust mobile support, and more. Construction Viz will transform the way you and your team manage your projects for the better.

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