Construction Viz Hub

A Control Panel for Your Apps

Easily add, remove, and configure your Construction Viz Apps in Microsoft SharePoint & Office 365 – no IT expertise required. 

Simple Management of Your Construction Viz Apps

Construction Viz Hub is your control center for installing, activating, and configuring all of your Construction Viz Apps in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. No server-level administration is required. To get started using Construction Viz, simply download the Hub and begin selecting the specific apps you need 

Easy to use

An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes it simple to manage your apps and settings. 

Mobile responsive

A responsive design allows you to manage your apps using any modern browser and device. 

Dashboard & reports

See everything you need to across your apps with built-in dashboards and reports.

Construction Viz Hub Features

Construction Viz Hub provides a unified platform built on top of Microsoft SharePoint, making it simple to access and manage all of your Construction Viz Apps. No need to be a SharePoint or IT expert.

Add, remove and activate apps and users
Configure general and app-specific settings
Set user permissions
Implement field-level controls
Apply WBS/code configurations
Manage notifications


Construction Viz: Project Management Perfected

Construction Viz is a powerful and flexible project management software solution trusted by leading construction management and utility companies to manage multi-billion-dollar projects. Available in the cloud, on-premise, or as à la carte apps for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The platform has everything you need to manage your construction projects, including document management, dashboards, reports, forms, workflows, robust mobile support, and more. Construction Viz will transform the way you and your team manage your projects for the better.

See Construction Viz Apps in Action

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